Tweak-XP Pro v4.0.3 MultiLanguage Retail Cracked

Tweak-XP Pro v4.0.3 MultiLanguage Retail Cracked | RS |UL | 10 MB

The worlds first tweaking software to combine both system optimization and system customization features.
More than 56 utilities packed in one program.
Unlike other tuning utilities, Tweak-XP Pro bundles more than 56 different utilities in one: all you need for Windows XP to get all out of it.
Tweak-XP Pro was the first tweaking software especially designed for Windows XP. There are lots of third class competitive products, but only with Tweak-XP Pro you can be sure to get the original tuning application designed for Windows XP only. There's no need to find your way through the Windows registry: use Tweak-XP Pro v4 to enable hundreds of different secret settings for Windows XP with a few mouse clicks only.

See what the original Tweak-XP Pro offers: unlike other tuning utilities, Tweak-XP Pro bundles more than 56 different utilities in one. It was developed to combine both tuning and optimizing features to increase the speed of your Windows XP system.
Know a feature that you would like to see implemented?

If so, please contact us and share your thoughts, you have our promise that we will study it and if it proves to be an useful feature we will incorporate it in one of the next releases.

Hundreds of tweaks
Tweak-XP Pro includes hundreds of tweaks to optimize and customize Windows Vista to your very personal needs.

Easy and secure tweaking
Just a few mouse clicks are required in order to activate performance tweaks.

Auto-optimize XP
Tweak-XP Pro includes an auto optimizer which optimizes XP with the most common speed improvement tweaks.

Detailed system information
Tweak-XP Pro provides details about your complete hardware configuration in an easy to browse interface.

Access lost Microsoft Product keys
Lost any of your Windows, or Office application CD keys? Tweak-XP Pro will get them back.

View Hard Disk statistics
Tweak-XP Pro provides detailed hard disk statistics on all your installed drives.

Disallow access to certain drives
With the included features you can restrict access to certain drives installed on your machine.

CPU tweaks included
Tweaks for the most common CPUs are included.

CD/DVD drive tweaks
Optimizes the cache of your CD/DVD drives.

Memory Optimizer included
Optimize your physical memory (RAM) for better performance if you run low on RAM.

RAM Disk Drive
Create a RAM Disk Drive of up to 256 MB for fastest access to files.

Process monitor
Displays all running processes and let you control them.

Multiple page files
Set up multiple page files on multiple drives.

Virtual drives
Easily turn any folder on your hard drive into a disk drive!

Folder Icon manager
Manage and set up individual folder icons as easy as possible.

Control Windows Error Reporting and much more
Along with heaps of miscellaneous system tweaks you and control the Windows Error Reporting, time sync settings, OEM information ...

Change system folder settings
Easily change the location of system and user folders.

Control panel tweaks
Restrict access to control panel items, hide control panel features, and much more.

Control auto starts
Control what is started automatically with your system - disable and remove autostarts.

Auto logon and auto shutdown
Enable auto login and auto shutdown features for Windows Vista.

Media Player tweaks
Heaps of tweaks and customizations for Windows Media Player.

Windows Defender tweaks and restrictions
Get more control over Windows Defender with the included Windows Defender restriction and feature tweaks.

Start menu tweaks
Heaps of tweaks to customize the look and feel of your Windows start menu: hide items, show items.

Task bar tweaks
Get control over your Windows task bar and tweak it the way you want it.

Clear Type and screen font management
Tweak your Clear Type settings, manage screenfonts and disable unused for better system performance.

Desktop tweaks
Change the desktop style, enable heaps of desktop related tweaks, manage DWM settings.

Random wallpaper
Enable a random wallpaper manager to randomly display desktop wallpapers.

Taskbar restrictions
Restrict access to taskbar features as easy as possible.

Outlook tweaks
Control Outlook attachment settings, tweak Outlook and Outlook Express.

Backup activations
Backup and restore Microsoft Office and Windows activation files.

Internet Explorer tweaks and restrictions
Tweak IE to the max and restrict access to it.

Internet connection speed up
Speed up your internet connection with the included performance optimizations.

Windows Utilities
Get quick access to the most useful Windows Vista utilities
System configuration files
Edit system configuration files from within Tweak-XP Pro
File Utilities
Included: a file renamer, a file shredder, an engine to search for unnecessary files.
Password Generator
Generate secure and pronouceable passwords on the fly.
Manage installed software
Control the programs installed on your machine.
Registry cleanup
Run a registry scan and cleanup redundant Windows Registry entries and orphaned registry sections.
Restrict access to folders, applications
Easily setup a simple folder censorship and disallow the execution of applications.
Restrict access to drive content
Disallow access to certain drives as quickly as possible.
Disc Doctor
Scan hard disks for errors and problems
and MUCH MORE ...
Download the free Basic Edition or check our Screenshots section for more details.

>>> First Uninstall all previous version <<<

1) Install the Demo version, run it once and close
2) Install the Full version, run it once and close
3) Extract the cracked exe file to program's folder
   and overwrite the original file then Use these
   info to register :

 Name: Ann Heywood
eMail: genie27@optusnet.com.au
Order ID: E100104475048
Number of licenses: 01



NB: You must never authorize Tweak-XP access the
    net; If you have a firewall, block it with it.

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